Wire harness and cable assembly

We are making IDC cable, power switch cable, GPS tracker connecting cable, LED light, display screen used wire harness,automotive used cable, hospital equipments used wire harness and so on. Connect wire to wire, wire to board, board to board.

customized wire harness and cable assembly

You just need to provide us the following information:

  • data drawing or description
  • wire length (including connctor or without connector)
  • wire size&types
  • connector types

Customized wire harness & Cable assembly showcase:

0.8mm IDC cable
1.0mm wire harness
1.2mm wire harness
1.25mm wire harness
1.25mm wire harness
1.5mm wire harness
2.0mm wire harness
2.0mm wire harness
1.27mm IDC cable
2.0mm cable assembly
2.5mm cable assembly
2.54mm cable assembly
2.54mm cable, jump wire
2.54mm IDC cable
3.0mm cable assembly
4.2mm power cable

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